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Power Capacitor R&D center is cooperatively built by High energy physics research center and CABO group since 2015.

Household/consumer capacitor R&D center started from 1988, it is one of earliest capacitor technology importer and Chinese capacitor patent holder.

We offer customization services to meet specific application requirements and exacting voltage and capacitance specifications.CABO capacitors are widely used in military research & development,househould appliances, consumer appliances, medical, industrial and transportation.

Products Categories

Industrial capacitors

IGBT Snubber capacitor

CABO has continuously improved production technology, which is committed to providing customers with high quality DC - LINK, AC - Filter, Snubber and other general purpose capacitors.   Meanwhile, CABO also provides custom service to meet customer's request.

DC link capacitor

AC filter capacitor

Resonance capacitor

Coupling capacitor

General purpose

Household capacitors

AC Motor capacitors

CBB20,CBB21,CBB22,CBB18,CBB81,CBB60,CBB61,CBB65/CL21/MKT/X2.Motor capacitors assists the motor to start and improves the torque under running conditings.

Audio capacitors called loudspeaker crossover capacitor,It can improve acoustic performance.

Resin enclosed capacitors

Audio capacitors

Safety capacitors

Power & Pulse capacitors

High energy pulse capacitors

Power & pulse capacitors are manufactured according to customer

specification and request.All the most important parameters like voltages,currents, energies,dimensions and terminals can be designed upon customer's request.

Maximum parameters like voltages and currents depends on the

application but we can offer capacitors with rated voltage up to 100kV and maximum peak current up to 180kA.

Medical grade capacitors with perfect performance in lifetime and

reliability. 100% test before leave our factory and the failure rate under 10FIT.

Power factor capacitors

Water cooling capacitors

Medical devices use

Defibrillator capacitors

Energizer capacitors

If you don't see the capacitor you are looking for, please contact usto discuss your specific requirements.