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Snubber capacitor
STA series axial type snubber capacitors
Type:: STA
Spec: 0.01~10μF/630~3000Vdc
Description: Axial leaded film capacitor for snubbering and high pulse application.
Application: Widely used for snubber, IGBT and semiconductor power circuit.
SPB series box type IGBT snubber capacitors
Type:: SPB
Spec: 0.047μF-10μF/630-3000VDC
Description: Plastic box sealed capacitor with lug terminals, especially designed as snubber parts for IGBT.
Application: IGBT snubbering, solar/wind inverter, power supply, induction heater, frequency inverter.
SCR (Thyristor) over-voltage protection
Type:: CH80
Spec: 0.1-10μF/3,000-6,000VAC
Description: over-voltage protection
Application: Protecting SCR and rectifier ,such as in Electric Locomotive
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