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Industrial Capacitor
STA series axial type snubber capacitors
Type:: STA
Spec: 0.01~10μF/630~3000Vdc
Description: Axial leaded film capacitor for snubbering and high pulse application.
Application: Widely used for snubber, IGBT and semiconductor power circuit.
DMC series metal cylindrical DC link dc filter capacitors
Type:: DMC
Spec: 10~3000μF/400~5000Vdc
Description: Metal can cylindrical capacitor for dc link and dc filter application.
Application: Wind power,Solar power,electric vehicle,Frequency converter,power supply,UPS, EV/GTO snubbering
DPC series plastic can low ESL dc capacitor
Type:: DPC
Spec: 10~600μF/400~5000Vdc
Description: Low ESL dc link capacitor
Application: Wind power,Solar power,electric vehicle,Frequency converter,power supply,UPS, EV/GTO snubbering
SPB series box type IGBT snubber capacitors
Type:: SPB
Spec: 0.047μF-10μF/630-3000VDC
Description: Plastic box sealed capacitor with lug terminals, especially designed as snubber parts for IGBT.
Application: IGBT snubbering, solar/wind inverter, power supply, induction heater, frequency inverter.
DPB series THB grade box type dc link film capacitor
Type:: DPB
Spec: 1~500μF/400~2000Vdc
Description: Box type dc link capacitor with 2 or 4 pin tinned copper wire.
Application: Motor drives, solar inverter, UPS system, welding machine. For dc link or dc filter.
RTA/RPA axial type resonant capacitors
Type:: RTA/RPA
Spec: 0.002~6.8μF/400~4000Vac
Description: Axial type resonant capacitor with insulating polyester / plastic shell and epoxy resin sealin
Application: Power supply, induction heater, welding machine, LC resonance
AMC filter capacitors (3-phase/single-phase)
Type:: AMC
Spec: 8~600μF/250~1200Vac
Description: AC filter capacitor
Application: AC filter circuit, LCL filter, power factor correction, inverter output filtering
DMS series metal case high energy dc capacitor
Type:: DMS
Spec: 100~30,000μF/600~20,000Vdc
Description: Energy storage and dc filter capacitor
Application: Solar/wind power, SVG/HV power supply, flexible AC/DC inverter system, motor drive, frequency converter.
CMS series water cooled compensation capacitors
Type:: CMS
Spec: 0.1~100μF/375~3000Vac
Description: Power factor correction capacitor for induction heating
Application: Induction heating, dissolve, mixing, casting machine
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